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Amie Zemlicka

Project Lead

Hidden Talent? Minimalism – I am a clutter buster
Superpower? Ability to stay calm during a crisis
Best Concert? Radiohead at Alpine Valley
Biggest Accomplishment? Raising my son
Doppelganger? I used to get Uma Thurman a lot

Andy Wilson

Chief Financial Officer

Hobby? Coaching basketball and football
Hails From? Auburn, California
Superpower?  Bionics – I have pins and screws everywhere
Favorite Architect? The one George Constanza pretends to be
Doppelganger? I’ve been told Mark Ruffalo

Ann Kawata


Hails From? Tianjin, mainland China
Favorite Architect? Antoni Gaudi
Rather Be Doing? Volunteer at animal shelter
Dream Vacation? Tahiti and Maldives
Doppelganger? Still searching…

Anthia Wong

Team Lead, Project Manager

Superpower? Ability to find calm in this crazy thing we called life
First Car? 1984 318i BMW
Dog or Cat? None, my kids are my pets
Nickname? Siuwa (my Chinese name)
Rather Be Doing? A bacon steward and connoisseur

Brad Reinschell

Project Architect

Hobby? Remodeling my house
Superpower? Being able to solve problems
Favorite Architect? Norman Foster
Biggest Accomplishment? Obtaining my architecture license
Doppelganger? He told me not to tell

Caroline Remignon


Hails From? Salon de Provence, France
First Car? TBD
Favorite Architect? Le Corbusier
Biggest Accomplishment? Following my dreams
Doppelganger? Grace Kelly


Colin Alley

Project Director, Architect

Best Concert?  Michael Franti! Not even close
Favorite City? Hong Kong
Favorite Architect? Enrique Miralles
Biggest Accomplishment? Market Square adaptive reuse project
Doppelganger(s)? Richie Cunningham, Tyler Florence, and Tom Brady

Dee Pearce


Hails From? San Francisco
Years in the Business? My first one!
Superpower? Getting people to calm down
Favorite City? Istanbul
Favorite Architect? Peter Zumthor

Derek Cunha

Project Lead

Hobby: Mountain biking and target shooting
Superpower: Teleportation
First Car: 2001 Chevrolet Trailblazer
Rather Be Doing: Exploring wilderness
Biggest Accomplishment: Being a husband and father

Emily Beatty

Project Lead

First Car? 1993 Honda Civic
Dog or Cat? Dog 100%, they are loving and loyal
Favorite Architect? Charles and Ray Eames duo
Dream Vacation? Australia/New Zealand/Fiji combination trip
Biggest Accomplishment? Becoming a certified Interior Designer & moving to California

Eric Ibsen

Chief Design Officer

Superpower? Navigation
Best Concert? Living Color – Newport Music Hall, 1990
Dog or Cat? Dogs Max and Jake
Favorite Architect? Tom Kundig
Biggest Accomplishment? Changing careers from advertising to architecture

Flynn Rosenthal

Technical Director

Hidden Talent? Pantomime, balloon figures
Hobby? Biking, camping, welding, tickering
Hails From? (New) Jersey
First Car? FIAT, 950 Spider, convertible, red (of course)
Favorite City? The next I get to explore

Francesca Alfajora


Hails From? Daly City, California
Superpower? Not drinking coffee
Favorite Architect? Bjarke Ingels
Biggest Accomplishment?  Being invited to sing the national anthem for the President of the Philippines (not the current one)
Doppelganger? My mom <3

Greg Sheppard

Team Lead, Senior Project Architect

Hidden Talent? Welding
Superpower? All nighters
Favorite Architect? Besides me?
Rather Be Doing? Making something, working with my hands
Dream Vacation? Knees in the breeze on two wheels

Iku Joki

Project Lead, Architect

Hails From? New York & Kansai Region of Japan
Years in the Business? 14 years
Superpower? Staying calm in front of clients and consultants
Nickname? Igloo
Biggest Accomplishment? Skydiving

Jack Munson

Founding Principal

Hails From?  Manhattan Beach
First Car?  ’49 Ford stick
Favorite City?  Paris
Biggest Accomplishment? Being self-employed for 36 years
Doppelganger? Harrison Ford


James Capen

Operations Manager

Hidden Talent? Juggling, Wolf whistle, DIY master
Superpower? Telekinesis
First Car? Awful canary yellow 1995 Mustang convertible
Favorite City? Hana, Maui, Hawaii
Rather Be Doing? Finding a spot for my hammock, near water, in the middle of nowhere

Jessica Butler

Team Lead, Designer

Hidden Talent? Rummikub master
Hails From? Dublin, Ireland and Santa Cruz, CA
First Car? Dodge Minivan
Biggest Accomplishment? Surviving design school
Doppelganger? Neve Campbell

Jessica Nguyen


Hidden Talent? I make a really good chicken parm
Superpower? Mindreading
Favorite Architect? Le Corbusier
Dream Vacation? Iceland
Biggest Accomplishment? Working in an industry that I love

Mackenzie Bray

Project Lead, Architect

Superpower? I’d love the ability to stop and start time
Dog or Cat? Neither – Bunnies
Dream Vacation? Firenze, Italia
Favorite Architect? Carlo Scarpa/John Lautner
Doppelganger? Veronica Mars or Leslie Knope


Marieca Tye


Years in the Business?  Three…and then there is life leading up to it
Superpower? Rubber stretch arms
First Car? AMC Green Hornet
Favorite City? San Francisco (really)
Biggest Accomplishment? Still standing

Melissa Lee


Hidden Talent? Lyra/aerial fitness
Hobby? Fashion illustration
Hails From? San Francisco
Years in the Business? 4.5
Superpower?  Finding deals in the sale rack
First Car? Toyota Matrix

Meredith English


Hobby? Sketching and making cards
Hails From? Toronto, Canada
First Car? A bike
Best Concert? Spice Girls 1998
Biggest Accomplishment? Moving to SF this year!

Miki Downes

Business Manager

Hails From? Kailua, Oahu – currently Oakland, CA
Superpower? Kindness
Nickname? Miki
Rather Be Doing? Swimming in the ocean
Dream Vacation? Greece

Noelle Narez

Office Administrator

Hails From? Napa Valley, like…OMG (total valley girl)
Years in the Business? 15
Favorite Architect? Antoni Gaudi
Dream Vacation? Greek Islands
Biggest Accomplishment? Honors Society Vice President in 8th grade

Patrick Sanchez

Project Designer

Superpower? Remembering useless information
First Car? 88 Isuzu Trooper
Rather Be Doing? Playing  hoops
Dream Vacation? Australia
Biggest Accomplishment? Finishing school


Prachi Panwala


Hobby? Painting, crafts and baking
Superpower? Work calmly under pressure
Favorite Architect? Norman Foster
Dream Vacation? Prague
Doppelganger? Indian actress, Anushka Sharma

Raine Paulson Arcieri


Hobby? Coaching swimming
Superpower? I’m a Shapeshifter
Best Concert? Reggae SunFeast in my hometown of Montego Bay
Rather Be Doing? I am doing what I love
Doppelganger? Kate Middleton

Rick Strauss

Consulting Principal

Hobby? Bike riding, photography, sketching
Hails From? Marin County
First Car? 1931 Ford Coupe
Best Concert? Eric Clapton
Biggest Accomplishment? Helped to save SF Giants with stadium design

Rodly Jean


Hidden Talent? Close to mastering REM sleep
Hails From? Cap-Haïtien, Haïti
Superpower? Astral projection
Rather Be Doing? Sleeping, but I have to take over the world
Biggest Accomplishment? Being a role model to my siblings

Steve Herron


Hobby? Sketching, art, writing
Best Concert? Gregory Allen Isakov with the Colorado Symphony Orchestra
Dog or Cat? Falcon
Favorite City? Cincinnati
Doppelganger? Bob Dylan


Terri Emery

Team Lead, Senior Project Architect

Hobby? DIY gardening and woodworking
Hails From? 20 mi. from the geographical center of continental US – Kansas
Best Concert? My daughter’s Master recital
Nickname? Turbo
Favorite Architect? Greg Sheppard, when he’s not grumpy

Vanessa Pelletier

Brand Manager

(Not so) Hidden Talent? Cat herding
Superpower? Calm control
Nickname? Miss Microphone
Rather Be Doing? Perfecting my downward dog
Biggest Accomplishment? Being a mom to my two amazing kids, Max and Violet

Wendy Diaz

Project Lead

Hobby? My latest is woodworking
First Car? GMC Sonoma pickup
Best Concert? Ben Harper
Rather Be Doing? Going on an adventure with my family or making something
Dream Vacation? New Zealand