Workplaces Green Up To Boost Health, Productivity

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The World Green Building Council recently released a report that provides tangible insights on why greener workspaces are healthier, more enjoyable places to work, and this has a direct impact on productivity, employee health and the bottom line. In this exclusive, Eric Ibsen, chief design officer at FORGE, discusses how corporate clients are embracing these ideals to enhance work environments and culture. How are companies balancing the focus on providing healthier work environments/energy efficiency versus making changes to workplace culture? Is one area being prioritized over the other?

Ibsen: As mentioned, a work environment that focuses on well-being is increasingly the standard, no longer the exception. For our clients who have been moving in this direction, we see an integration of the two, not a prioritization of one over the other. Has the process of collaboration with corporate clients changed as client needs have evolved?

Ibsen: Absolutely. Our inquiry process at the outset of a project (formerly programming), has expanded dramatically to cover not only functional needs but business goals and cultural emphasis. Our most innovative clients bring in professionals from HR, finance, marketing/sales and operations to provide us with a broader perspective about what’s important to the company as a whole, not just from an operational or facilities standpoint. These groups are working together for the best outcome, not vying for departmental priorities. It’s an exciting experience for us to have the opportunity to impact our clients’ business at this level and to respond to and conquer those inherent design challenges as part of the team.

The excerpt above was written by Lisa Brown for Read the full interview here.