6 Things to Know About the Accessible Building Entrance Program (ABEP) Before Hiring Your Architect

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If you own or manage one of the 16,000 parcels and its applicable buildings that fall under Building Ordinance No. 51-16, you reasonably have some questions about the City and County of San Francisco’s new program.

Yes, the Accessible Building Entrance Program (ABEP) is a tough regulation with a tight timeframe. And, no, it doesn’t have to make your head spin!

Having already completed many of these checklists for our clients, we understand the process and are well-versed in working with the City’s Department of Building Inspection.

To make it simple, here are six essential things you should know before hiring your architect:

  1. When is the deadline?
    –  December 2018 – turn in the checklist
    –  May 2019 – submit permitted drawings to Bldg. Dept. for no steps conditions
    (August 2019 for one step and April 2020 for more steps)
    –  March 2020 – obtain an approved permit for no steps
    (August 2020 for one step and February 2021 for more steps)
  2. Who is required to do it?
    –  Anyone who owns/manages a commercial building in SF
  3. What buildings are exempt?
    –  Religious organizations
    –  Bonified private clubs
    –  Buildings constructed after 2002
    –  Private residences, four units or less
  4. Who can perform the survey?
    –  CA licensed design professional – architect or structural engineer
    –  A Certified Access Specialist (CASp)
  5. How long does the assessment take?
    –  Two to three weeks, from first meeting to submission of checklist
    –  Then, two to three months for submission of the Permit Application
  6. Who submits the category checklist compliance form?
    –  We can facilitate completing and submitting the form on your behalf, and assist with any required follow up with the City as well as tracking

Next steps? Call FORGE and we’ll walk you through the process. You can also find more information here on the City’s website. 

Anthia Wong, Interiors Team Lead