Bldg. 91 Wins Alameda Architectural Preservation Award for Adaptive Reuse

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The Alameda Architectural Preservation Society presented FORGE with a 2018 Architectural Preservation Award for the adaptive reuse of Building 91, located at Alameda Point, Alameda, CA.

The Alameda Naval Air Station is a very special place in Alameda. A large part of the City’s history and development is tied to the NAS. Over the years, as it grew and expanded, it contributed much to the cultural and social affairs of the town. In 1936, the City ceded the 1927 Alameda Airport – built on the west end of the island over wetlands – to the United States Government. When the US Army discontinued operations in 1938, congressional appropriations were allocated for a naval air station here. The station played an important role during World War II and many aircraft structures and runways were built during this time.

Originally constructed in 1944 as a machine shop to store engine parts, Building 91’s industrial character was typical of the Naval Air Station (NAS) and the building is a contributor to the Historic District. Because it is the first Contributing Building to be redeveloped in the District, the City wanted the adaptive reuse project to serve as a template for future development of Alameda Point – the success of this project would influence many other similar buildings in the District.

The owners spent approximately $9 million dollars refurbishing the building. This included restoring the complete shell of the building, the roof, some structural reinforcements, as well as tenant improvements and landscape amenities such as decks, bike racks, and planters. The project intends to take advantage of the Federal 20 Percent Historic Preservation Investment Tax Credit to assist with the improvements which means strict adherence to preservation guidelines.

Read the full story here, published in the Newsletter for the Alameda Architectural Preservation Society, written by Jerri Holan.