Project Manager & Job Captain Promotions

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FORGE, a San Francisco-based full-service architectural and interior design firm, is excited to announce several recent promotions within our team: Marieca Tye, Erin Cash, Alisa Nadolishny, Nicole Roman, and Carlos Antequera Muñoz.

Marieca joins the leadership team as Project Manager, successfully leading teams on commercial architectural projects. Marieca’s portfolio consists of new construction and renovations for both architecture and interiors projects, including three new ground-up light industrial and manufacturing buildings at South Loop in Alameda, CA. In addition to her extensive project experience, she leads FORGE’s continued efforts in expanding the firm’s South Bay presence.

Alisa, Carlos, Erin, and Nicole have been promoted to Job Captains. As major contributors for both architecture and interiors, they work closely with the Project Managers to ensure successful coordination with clients and consultants throughout the entirety of projects.

Erin has been involved in several new construction and renovation projects of commercial corporate offices throughout her time with FORGE. She is currently working on the 205,000 SF headquarters of a growing technology company in Southern California.

Alisa’s work with FORGE includes new construction and renovations of light industrial and commercial corporate offices. She played an integral role in the design of the South Loop and North Loop projects in Alameda, CA.

Nicole’s experience includes adaptive re-use and renovations for light industrial and manufacturing. In addition to contributing to several projects, she has been vital in the continued relationship with a key developer client.

Carlos has been involved in several new construction and renovations of residential and commercial corporate offices. One of his current projects includes a technology company’s multi-floor headquarters in Southern California.