DPR in World GBC Report – Doing Right By Planet & People

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Today, the World Green Building Council launched a new report highlighting tangible economic benefits of green building and showcasing improved occupant satisfaction when companies implement new health, wellbeing and productivity features in existing green structures.

Doing Right by Planet and People: The Business Case for Health and Wellbeing in Green Building examines case studies of 11 facilities around the globe that have one or more green certifications including LEED, Green Star and BREEAM.

DPR Construction’s San Francisco office is one of the featured case studies. The office is a high-performance champion – operating at net zero energy by producing 105% of its annual energy needs onsite and saving 182 metric tonnes of CO2e per year, compared to an average building under the applicable California building code. This project was delivered by FORGE and sustainable design partner stok.

Additionally, the report evaluates health and wellbeing features that were integrated into the facilities, such as: enhanced fresh air ventilation, acoustic privacy, increase of daylight penetration and use of biophilic design elements such as green walls and extensive indoor plants.

After adding health and wellbeing features into green-certified buildings, companies found that:

    • employee absenteeism was reduced
    • operating costs were minimized
    • employees felt more productive and healthier.

Read more in the full report here.