Meet the Team

Alisa Nadolishny

Job Captain

Hails From: Born in Moscow, raised in New York
Superpower: Almost-perfect sense of timing
Best Concert: The Pixies
Favorite City: Amsterdam
Favorite Architect: Alvar Aalto & Alvaro Siza

Allison Scott

HR Manager

Hobby: Quoting The Office
Hails from: Oz (Most people would call it Kansas)
Superpower: Remembering dance routines from high school
Best Concert: Red Hot Chili Peppers
Biggest Accomplishment: Surviving 2 wild years living in China

Andy Wilson

Chief Financial Officer

Hobby: Coaching basketball & football
Hails From: Auburn, CA
Superpower:  Bionics – I have pins and screws everywhere
Favorite Architect: The one George Constanza pretends to be
Doppelganger: I’ve been told Mark Ruffalo

Annette An

Job Captain

Hails From: Tianjin, mainland China
Favorite Architect: Antoni Gaudi
Rather Be Doing: Volunteering at animal shelter
Dream Vacation: Tahiti & Maldives
Doppelganger: Still searching…

Anthia Wong

Team Lead, Project Manager

Superpower: Ability to find calm in this crazy thing we called life
First Car: 1984 318i BMW
Dog or Cat: None, my kids are my pets
Nickname: Siuwa (my Chinese name)
Rather Be Doing: A bacon steward & connoisseur

Arjun Hunt


Hidden Talent: Amateur crepe chef
Hobby: Jamming on the drums
Hails From: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Favorite Architects: Steven Holl, Renzo Piano
Rather Be Doing: Building drums while beer tasting. What could go wrong?

Carlos Antequera Muñoz

Job Captain

Hidden Talent: Karate kid
Hobby: Soccer, Karate, & Volleyball
Hails From: Valdepeñas, C.Real, Spain
Favorite Architects: Ludwig Mies Van der Rohe & Álvaro Siza
Biggest Accomplishment: Moving from Spain to California

Chris Ward

Senior Project Architect

Area of Focus: Special Projects & Education
Hidden Talent: Chef
Best Concert: Bob Marley & The Wailers
Favorite City: Venice
Favorite Architect: Frank Gehry


Derek Cunha

Project Manager

Hobby: Mountain biking and target shooting
Superpower: Teleportation
First Car: 2001 Chevrolet Trailblazer
Rather Be Doing: Exploring wilderness
Biggest Accomplishment: Being a husband and father


Elaine Yiu

Job Captain

Eric Ibsen

Chief Design Officer

Superpower: Navigation
Best Concert: Living Color – Newport Music Hall, 1990
Dog or Cat: Dogs – Max & Jake
Favorite Architect: Tom Kundig
Biggest Accomplishment: Changing careers from advertising to architecture

Erin Cash

Job Captain

Hails From: Knoxville, TN
Dog or Cat: Dog!!!
Nickname: Airbob
Rather Be Doing: Baking a cheesecake or traveling
Dream Vacation: Europe, New Zealand so many places still on my list

Harland Patajo

Project Manager

Years in the Business: 15 years
First Car: Brown 1986 Volkswagen Vanagon
Best Concert: The Beach Boys in 1989
Favorite Architect: Tadao Ando
Rather Be Doing: Rock climbing, jiujitsu, or watching my beloved Warriors

Iku Joki

Project Manager

Hails From: New York & Kansai Region of Japan
Years in the Business: 14 years
Superpower: Staying calm in front of clients & consultants
Nickname: Igloo
Biggest Accomplishment: Skydiving


Jamie Salvo

Director of Interiors

Kathy Kay


Leslie Onumbu

Design Intern

Marieca Tye

Job Captain

Favorite Architect: Zumthor
Superpower: Rubber stretch arms
First Car: AMC Green Hornet
Favorite City: San Francisco (really)
Biggest Accomplishment: Still standing

Meredith English

Project Manager

Hobby: Sketching & making cards
Hails From: Toronto, Canada
First Car: A bike
Best Concert& Spice Girls 1998
Biggest Accomplishment& Moving to SF!

Nat Merriss

Senior Job Captain

Hobby: Snowboarding, cooking, & camping
Hails From: Sonoma County, CA
Favorite Architect: Carlo Scarpa
Rather Be Doing: See hobbies
Doppelgänger: Philip Seymour Hoffman portraying Uncle Fester with a goatee

Nicole Roman

Job Captain

Hidden Talent: Playing the ukulele
First Car: 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee
Dog or Cat: Dog
Favorite Architects: Aires Mateus & Frida Escobedo
Dream Vacatio:? Anywhere I can see the Northern Lights


Patrick Sanchez

Project Lead

Superpower: Remembering useless information
First Car: ’88 Isuzu Trooper
Rather Be Doing: Playing  hoops
Dream Vacation: Australia
Biggest Accomplishment: Finishing school



Samantha Gomez


Sandy Zhang


Sierra Caragan

Brand Manager

Area of Focus: Graphic Design, Branding, & Marketing
Hobby: Playing piano
Best Concert: *NSYNC—PopOdyssey, 2001
Dog or Cat: Dogs! Especially my furbabies: Chopper, Charlie, & Mira
Rather Be Doing: Eating churros & riding Space Mountain at Disneyland


Terri Emery

Team Lead, Senior Project Architect

Hobby: DIY gardening and woodworking
Hails From: 20 mi. from the geographical center of continental US – Kansas
Best Concert: My daughter’s Master recital
Nickname: Turbo
Favorite Architect: Greg Sheppard, when he’s not grumpy

Wendy Diaz

Project Lead

Hobby: My latest is woodworking
First Car: GMC Sonoma pickup
Best Concert: Ben Harper
Rather Be Doing: Going on an adventure with my family or making something
Dream Vacation: New Zealand