Often a First Idea is the Right Idea

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In the second of a two-part exclusive, Amie Zemlicka, designer and project manager from FORGE, discusses how the design process for TEECOM’s new research lab was collaborative from the start, with a vision set by the client and delivered by FORGE.

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GlobeSt.com: How do you design for technology you can’t predict?

Zemlicka: Flexibility. We try to make the space as adaptable as possible; the more built-in features that revolve around current technology, the faster the space will be antiquated. Think phone booths and built-in display monitors for TVs that are 10 years old.

GlobeSt.com: Were there challenges that arose throughout the process that impacted the design?

Zemlicka: Not really because TEECOM had such a clear vision of the space. It was always part of the design plans from the start.